About the Community Council

The Vale of Grwyney Community Council comprises nine Councillors elected to represent the Wards of Llanbedr and Llangenny & Glangrwyney and meet on the 3rd Monday of the month normally rotating between Llanbedr Village Hall, The School Hall Llangenny and Glangrwyney Village Hall, although due to Covid restrictions are currently meeting remotely via the Zoom.  Please see the upcoming Agenda on this site for the link to the next meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings and may request permission to speak briefly on a relevant topic.  Requests can be made to address the Council by contacting the Clerk to the Council at least five working days prior to the meeting.  All requests must comply with the Public Speaking Policy.

If you wish to contact your Community Councillor you can telephone them on the number shown below or send an email via the Clerk – valeofgrwyneycc@gmail.com

Rolling Register of Members Interests [From May 2021]

Your Councillors

David Sharman Cllr David Sharman
Llangenny & Glangrwyney Ward
Tel: 01873 810352
Elaine Lusted Cllr Elaine Lusted (Vice Chair)
(Llanbedr School Governor)
Llangenny & Glangrwyney Ward
Tel: 01873 811183
 Colin Alford Cllr Colin Alford
Llanbedr Ward
Tel: 01873 890894
     Dean Christy Cllr Dean Christy
Llangenny & Glangrwyney Ward
Tel: 01873 812017
     Caroline Fairclough Cllr Caroline Fairclough 
Llanbedr Ward
Tel: 01873 890540

Jeff Greenidge

Cllr Jeffrey Greenidge
(Glangrwyney Hall Representative)
Co-opted to serve the
Llangenny & Glangrwyney Ward
Tel: 07740 064663 

    Phill Bowker Cllr Phillip Bowker
Co-opted to serve the
Llangenny & Glangrwyney Ward
Tel: 01873 811533
Cllr Paul Morris Cllr Paul Morris
Co-opted to serve the
Llanbedr Ward
Tel: 01873 890994 / 07843 871429
     John Morris Cllr  John Morris (Chairman)
(One Voice Wales Representative)                 
(Llanbedr Allotment Society
Llanbedr Ward
Tel: 01873 810495



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