The world as we know it is a’changin!  Few of us can dispute how much the World Wide Web has changed our lives, altering the way we shop, work and communicate.  The way we conduct our finances has also changed dramatically over recent years – cash and cheques are “out” – contactless and mobile apps are “in” …. the electronic world is upon us!   Whilst this is welcomed by some, internet banking does not suit all –  but it does  affect us all, with many rural communities witnessing the demise of the high street bank.

So, if you haven’t or don’t want to, enter the electronic world and prefer to converse with a “human” rather than a keyboard… you will be pleased to hear there is another way….. “mobile banks”.

NatWest closed its doors in Crickhowell over a year ago – Lloyds is about to follow suit.. that’s the bad news….  The good news is, both banks, operate (or plan to) “banks on wheels” from the town.

NatWest has a van called “Percy” which pulls up in the car park on certain days of the months (it is understood Lloyds Bank will operate a similar service).  So if you are lamenting the closure of NatWest and Lloyds in Crickhowell, and would prefer to conduct your financial dealings face to face, with a real person, rather than a screen, contact your bank.  They will be able to tell you when “Percy” (or its counterpart) will be rollin’ into town…