Locals, as well as those from further afield, can now delight in the knowledge that once again Pontyspig Bridge, Fforest Coal Pit (or Bishops Bridge as it is also known) is open.  Marine engineers have skilfully repaired the Grade II structure which was damaged by fallen timber and other debris forcibly travelling at speed down the River Grwyne in heavy storms earlier this year.

As can be seen from the photograph below the bridge took a battering with vital supporting stones becoming dislodged, putting the bridge in imminent damage of collapse.

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Dislodged stones

Urgent underpinning was required to support the arch and save the bridge

Whilst the undoubted attractiveness of this historic structure has always been appreciated, its true function of providing safe passage for residents and visitors to the area – Partrishow Church and the Black Mountains beyond, can now, once again, be truly appreciated.

The bridge is now fully repaired and operational