The governors, parents and children of Llanbedr Church in Wales School call on everyone in the local community to respond to the consultation by the Conservative/Independent led Powys County Council to close our school.  They are pressing ahead with this even though our children have already endured an unprecedented year of worry and upheaval.

We totally refute the assertion made by Powys County Council that the closure decision has been made in the best interests of the learners at the school and that the children were at the forefront of the decision making.  Powys are not providing any new schools in our area and our children are NOT part of their “Transforming Education” plans.

Powys County Council state that the children would be attending schools better equipped to deliver the new curriculum with a wider range of educational and extra-curricular opportunities.   This is also untrue as Llanbedr Church in Wales School is at the forefront in implementing the new curriculum and is more than equipped to deliver the requirements of the new curriculum in the future.  The school provides an extensive range of educational and extra-curricular activities for pupils and members of the community.  There are outstanding facilities including much outdoor learning, sport, puppet club, and only last week a Year 3 pupil won a County art prize.  In 2018 Llanbedr won the Welsh Primary Schools Cricket championship and in 2019 were overall champions in a National STEM competition.

The majority of Llanbedr School’s children travel from outside the catchment to benefit from the Christian ethos, the inclusive welcome and focus on well-being. It is the only school in the area with an extensive range of after school extra-curricular clubs five days a week, plus breakfast club.  The school has increasing numbers and is a thriving happy environment for all children.  

Powys County Council are making statements and promises of “a better education” which we believe they are unable to deliver.

Please everyone – make your views known.  This affects us all.  It affects our rural communities.  It affects whether we want our villages to thrive.  It affects all schools in our area as it will increase class numbers in these schools which are already near capacity. It affects our children now and our children in the future.   Make your views known.

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