The Grwyne Fawr Valley used to be a very different place.  In the early 1900s a temporary village was set up to house men employed to build Grwyne Fawr Reservoir with a railway line constructed to transport both men and materials to the top of the valley.  This village was officially named “Navvy Village” however because the buildings were built of wood and corrugated iron became commonly known as “Tin Town”.

Tin Town – Blaen Y Cwm

Tin Town had a hospital, lodging house, chapel, school and jail.   Concrete bases and steps of some of these buildings can still be found at Blaen Y Cwm.  Seems remarkable now, but the village had electricity before Abergavenny!

When the reservoir was finished in 1928, at a cost of some £1,000,000, Tin Town was dismantled and its buildings sold off.  The school master’s house was re-erected in Llanbedr.

Tin Town – today

The Vale of Grwyney Community Council believe the history of Tin Town should be preserved and intend putting an information board at Blaen Y Cwm to commemorate and promote its heritage.

Do you have any local knowledge or information which could be put on this board?  If so, please let us know

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