Residents across Powys can now subscribe to this season’s easy, clean and simple garden waste recycling collection service, offered by the county council.

Residents are now able to subscribe to the service for the 2022 season by visiting or by calling 01597 827465.

The annual subscription of £39 includes the hire of a 240-litre wheeled bin and fortnightly collections of your garden waste between 28 February and the 2 December. With 20 possible collections, the service works out at less than £2 for each full bin of material collected and recycled. A smaller 120-litre bin is available at a reduced rate for households with small gardens, or compostable garden waste sacks for those who have their non-recyclable rubbish collected in purple bags.

Residents who already benefited from using the service in 2021 will be contacted shortly to remind them to re-subscribe for another season. Once registered for the 2022 season, they will receive a sticker to place on their green wheeled bin to indicate to the crew that they have signed up for 2022.

New subscribers to the service will have their green wheeled bin delivered by the council within 10 working days, so make sure you sign up early to benefit from all the scheduled collections starting at the end of February.

Cllr Heulwen Hulme, Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste, said: “It has been another tough winter for us all and we are all very much looking forward to the arrival of Spring to help lift all our spirits. Once the nights begin to draw out and the weather turns finer, many of us will be keen to get out into the garden once more.

“The collection service, which costs less than £2 per collection if people subscribe now, means that residents have an easy, clean and simple way of getting rid of their garden waste, with the knowledge that it will all be recycled and turned into compost.

“Signing up to the collection service will not only mean that residents don’t have to get the inside of their cars dirty and covered in grass cuttings and twigs, but it is also a sustainable and cost-effective way of recycling your garden waste.”

Residents not subscribing to the service will still be able to compost their garden waste at home or take it to one of the five household waste recycling centres in Powys.