It will come as no surprise to anyone reading this that cuts in both County Council and Government spending will continue to affect all of us. The expected cuts are in the region of £40 million for Powys County Council over the next 3 years and more than £6 million from the Health Board budget (over 12%). From time to time, and more frequently recently, your Community Council is asked to support campaigns to maintain or reinstate public services, often accompanied by requests for funding.

The Vale of Grwyney Council precept (the part of your Council Tax charge which is directly given to the Community Council for local projects) is small – less than £15 per household per year on average and so the Council is not in the position to agree to any requests for funding.

There is an alternative – raise the precept for each local household (£1 increase per household equates to £482 for the Council) and hold on to some of the services being cut. However your Council is very wary of making such a move (the precept has hardly changed for some years) particularly without knowing firstly what cuts are likely to be heading our way and secondly, which cuts would have the greatest effect on local residents.

Please complete the polls below to give your representatives, the Community Council, a better idea of what you feel most affects you.  The polls are totally confidential. There is no way in which the Community Council can identify who votes for what. 

Please tell as many people in the Vale of Grwyney about this survey and ask them to log on and respond.  This information will give your elected representatives a real position of strength when responding to requests and notifications of cuts.