As you may be aware the Inspector conducting the Examination into the Local Development Plan (LDP) insisted the site at Cwrt-Y-Gollen was reinstated within the LDP.  This was against the wishes of the BBNP Authority and the Community Council.

Representatives from the BBNP Authority and Vale of Grwyney Community Council drew the Inspector’s attention to the fact the original Development Brief  proposed a lot more housing – phased over (three) stages.  Although removing the site from the LDP is no longer an option the Inspector listened to the BBNP and Community Council and informed the Developer’s Agents a new Development Brief would be required if their proposals are to be considered further.

A new Development Brief has now been drafted and is subject to a six week consultation period running from the 13th March with an Exhibition in the Gymnasium at Cwrt Y Gollen on the 26th and 27th March.

We must stress this is NOT a planning application, although this will inevitably follow if our objections are not accepted.

The Community Council is fully aware the vast majority of local residents are against any future development on this site, as was clearly demonstrated by the results of the petition undertaken last year which showed 97% of those that participated are against it.

We do not agree with the contents within the draft Development Brief and will be opposing it on behalf of the residents by making recommendations as set out within Planning Policies and the formally adopted LDP.

For your information, the key objections that have been highlighted to both the Council and the developers are as follows:

  • Building an additional 70 houses will bring at least 140 more people to an area that is not geared up to support such a large and sudden increase in population in areas, such as  shopping, schools, parking, medical facilities, etc;
  •  As the site itself will not have any shopping or other facilities, the residents will have to travel by car even to the nearest town of Crickhowell, creating significant traffic and parking problems in an area that is already congested;
  •  The traffic volumes in what is already a narrow main road will substantially increase.

If you wish to comment, or require any further information please contact the Clerk