The Police & Crime Commissioner, Dafydd Llywelyn, is running a public consultation on police funding, and would like to ask for your assistance .

Local policing is funded from a Home Office grant, as well as contributions from the public via the Council Tax, known as the police precept. Decisions made in recent years have resulted in less money being available to deliver vital services for our communities, and with the continued threats of cuts from central government alongside the recently announced review of the funding formula it is a critical time for Police funding.  Mr Llywelyn firmly believes the public should have a strong voice in the decision to make changes to the public’s contribution through the Council Tax and that once agreed, the impact is clearly explained.

Funding decisions must be translated into impact on services, and if the budget is cut, the public must realise what might be lost. On the other hand, if the decision is to increase the contributions, it is important that the public feel that they are getting value for money and a tangible benefit from the increase.

The questions Mr Llywelyn would like to seek the public’s views on are included on this survey:

The survey includes detail on the impact that various changes to the police precept would have both on the public’s purse, and also on the overall policing budget.

The survey ends on the 15/12/2017.